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Bere Island



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Walsh, Margaret   I254
2 O'Sullivan (Sounish), William  Jan 1900Bere Island I523
3 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Patsy  Mar 1893Bere Island I518
4 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Patrick  Mar 1871Bere Island I563
5 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Patrick  Mar 1846Bere Island I537
6 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Patrick  Mar 1846Bere Island I543
7 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Mikie  Jan 1873Bere Island I564
8 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Mary Ann  May 1896Bere Island I520
9 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Mary  1869Bere Island I562
10 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Mary  Jan 1844Bere Island I536
11 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Mary  Jan 1844Bere Island I542
12 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Mary  Oct 1832Bere Island I555
13 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Margaret   I525
14 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Margaret  Oct 1894Bere Island I519
15 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Julia  Feb 1901Bere Island I524
16 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Julia  Aug 1864Bere Island I560
17 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Julia  Apr 1861Bere Island I547
18 O'Sullivan (Sounish), John  1841Bere Island I535
19 O'Sullivan (Sounish), John  1841Bere Island I541
20 O'Sullivan (Sounish), James  Dec 1866Bere Island I561
21 O'Sullivan (Sounish), James  Feb 1856Bere Island I545
22 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Jack  Jun 1881Bere Island I528
23 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Jack  Bere Island I550
24 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Ellen aka Helen  28 Sep 1898Bere Island I522
25 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Ellen  Mar 1858Bere Island I546
26 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Denny  Mar 1834Bere Island I554
27 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Denny  Bere Island I531
28 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Denis  1885Bere Island I530
29 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Denis  Jun 1847Bere Island I516
30 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Denis  Bere Island I548
31 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Daniel  May 1847Bere Island I557
32 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Dan  Feb 1883Bere Island I529
33 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Dan  Bere Island I533
34 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Dan  1838?Bere Island I539
35 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Cornelius  May 1953Bere Island I538
36 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Cornelius  May 1853Bere Island I544
37 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Cornelius  Apr 1852Bere Island I558
38 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Con  Sep 1897Bere Island I521
39 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Catherine  Jun 1877Bere Island I527
40 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Catherine  Jan 1838Bere Island I556
41 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Catherine  Bere Island I534
42 O'Sullivan (Sounish), Catherine  1840?Bere Island I540
43 O'Sullivan (Crah), Mortie  Bere Island I568
44 O'Sullivan (Crah), Margaret  1869Bere Island I517
45 O'Sullivan (Barrule), James  Bere Island I570
46 O'Sullivan, Honora  Bere Island I000000178
47 O'Mahony, Ellen  Bere Island I580
48 Murphy (Maheesh), Margaret  Bere Island I532
49 Murphy (Maheesh), Cornelius  Bere Island I551
50 Murphy, Mary  Bere Island I595

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Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Crowley (Ceohane), Mary  28 Jan 1844Bere Island I000000183
2 Crowley, Timothy  20 Nov 1888Bere Island I2465
3 Crowley, Michael  13 Oct 1881Bere Island I2462
4 Crowley, Mary  6 Oct 1885Bere Island I2464
5 Crowley, Julia  1 Jun 1853Bere Island I2459
6 Crowley, John Joseph  4 Nov 1900Bere Island I2470
7 Crowley, John  6 Nov 1882Bere Island I2463
8 Crowley, John  19 Apr 1846Bere Island I2457
9 Crowley, Ellen  3 Sep 1892Bere Island I2471
10 Crowley, Elizabeth  1 Oct 1896Bere Island I2469
11 Crowley, Catherine  3 Jun 1891Bere Island I2467
12 Crowley, Catherine  4 Jul 1849Bere Island I2458
13 Crowley, Brigit  14 Mar 1898Bere Island I2472


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Watson, Joe  1987Bere Island I000000131
2 Watson, Agnes  Feb 2001Bere Island I0000080
3 Walsh, Michael  Mar 1972Bere Island I251
4 Crowley, Denis  Feb 2004Bere Island I0000079


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Watson, Agnes  Feb 2001Bere Island I0000080
2 Walsh, Michael  Bere Island I251
3 Crowley, Denis  Feb 2004Bere Island I0000079


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage    Person ID 
1 O'Sullivan (Crah), Margaret  8 Nov 1888Bere Island I517
2 Crowley, Mary  9 Feb 1864Bere Island I2460


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sullivan / O'Brien   F729
2 Murphy / O'Sullivan (Barrule)  18 Oct 1889Bere Island F739
3 Murphy / Murphy (Maheesh)  21 Feb 1865Bere Island F737
4 Moynihan / O'Sullivan (Sounish)   F615
5 McGrath / McCarthy  6 Mar 1859Bere Island F734
6 Kelly / O'Sullivan (Sounish)  7 Aug 1889Bere Island F115
7 Kelly /    F738
8 Crowley / Sullivan  27 Jun 1880Bere Island F733
9 Crowley / Harrington   F97

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