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Nora (Norr) O'Dwyer

Female 1820 - 1870  (50 years)

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Kevin Harrington Murphy Male
Anne Marie O'Donovan, Esq. Female
New chart
Deirdre M. Murphy Female
Jesus Diez Garcia Male
Jesus Diez Garcia Male
New chart
Michael (Mike) Murphy Male
Barbara Arbeiter Female
John Murphy Male
Nadine Tona Female
New chart
Noreen Murphy Female
Lionel Ribauld Male
New chart
Jennifer Murphy Female
Jim Murphy Male
Maureen McClave Female
Conor Tully, CPA Male
Katie Koopman Female
New chart
Sean Tully Male
Chrissy Fashsel Female
New chart
Ted Tully Male
Mary Murphy Female
Conor Tully Male
Caroline Guihan Female
John McGrath Male
Yvonne Guihan Female
Emer Guihan Male
Kitty Murphy Female
Dermot Guihan Male
John Langan Male
Laura Garvey Female
Paul Langan Male
Geraldine Holland Female
Sheila Murphy Female
Gerry Langan Male
Sharon Murphy Female
Michelle Murphy Female
Dan Murphy Male
Sheila Denehy Female
Noreen Murphy Female
Mick O'Sullivan Male
Tara Murphy Female
Gianna Murphy Female
Ted Murphy Male
Donna Dembrowski Female
Finnian Murphy Male
Cormac Murphy Male
Flor Murphy Male
Carol Murphy Female
Shane Murphy Male
Deirdre Murphy Female
Noel Murphy Male
Stephanie Murphy Female
Mark Murphy Male
Neal Murphy Male
Gillian Murphy Female
Kate Murphy Female
Gerry Murphy Male
Annamarie Maher Female
Catherine (Mary O'Neill) Riley Female
New chart
Brian Murphy Male
New chart
Sinead Murphy Female
Denis Whelan Male
New chart
Jack Murphy Male
Nuala O'Neill Female
Morgan Mae Murphy Female
Martin Murphy Male
Marie Romero Female
Julia Mae Harrington Female
John J. Murphy Male
Tanya Harrington Female
Kevin Hannigan Male
New chart
Cian Harrington Male
Siobhan Maria McKenna Female
Mike Harrington Male
Marion Holland Female
Donal Óg Francis Harrington Male
Caitriona Mary Harrington Female
Michael Patrick Harrington Male
Donagh Cormac Harrington Male
Julia Christina Harrington Female
Barry Harrington Male
Mary Morgan Female
Fiona Harrington Female
Geoffrey Harrington Male
Louise McCann Female
New chart
Laura Harrington Female
Donal Harrington Male
Margaret Crowley Female
Roisin O'Sullivan Harrington Female
Flor Harrington Male
Susan O'Sullivan Female
Meabh Burke Female
David Burke Male
Mary B. Harrington Female
Paul Burke Male
Jack Shea Male
Micheal Shea Male
Mary Kate Shea Female
Noralene Harrington Female
John Shea Male
Caoilte Seán Óg Tadhg Ó hÚrdail Male
John Martin Harrington Male
Siobhan Ni Ghairbhith Female
Kate O'Donoghue Female
Mary Beth O'Donoghue Female
Lucy O'Donoghue Female
Charles Richard O'Donoghue Male
Angela Harrington Female
Pat O'Donoghue Male
Brenda Harrington Female
Donal Harrington Male
Mary McCarthy Female
Martina Healy Female
Margaret Healy Female
Norin Healy Female
Sean Healy Male
Micheal Healy Male
John Healy Male
Eileen Sullivan Female
Conor Sullivan Male
Dara Sullivan Female
Mary Healy Female
Peter Sullivan Male
Nuala Healy Female
Sean Hefernan Male
Peter Healy Male
Connie Healy Male
Sheila Sullivan Female
Killian Healy Male
Asling Healy Male
Michael Healy Male
Claire Hourihan Female
Josephine Harrington Female
Michael Healy Male
Michelle Clifford Male
Shane Clifford Male
Nuala Galvin Female
Tom Clifford Male
Rory Shenker Male
Darragh Shenker Female
Claire Galvin Female
Michel Shenker Male
Emily Ahern Female
Maurice Ahern Male
Maura Galvin Female
Anthony Ahern Male
Sally Geffery Female
Grahame Geffery Male
Jillian Geffery Female
Bernedette Galvin Female
Donny Geffery Male
Paul Galvin Male
Meave Galvin Female
Garry Galvin Male
Tish Caffey Female
David Galvin Male
Gillian Galvin Female
John Galvin Male
Audry Dunne Female
Mary Frances Harrington Female
Ned Galvin Male
Christina Elizabeth Harrington Female
David Cremin Male
Caroline Cremin Female
Michael Cremin Male
Teresa Hurley Female
Christian Carley Male
Ashling Carley Female
Frank Carley Male
Mary Cremin Female
Eugene Carley Male
Dermot Cremin Male
Eoin Murphy Male
Alan Murphy Male
Ciara Murphy Female
Bernedette Cremin Female
R. J. Murphy Male
Matthew Van Den Tillart Male
Sofieja Van Den Tillart Female
Eileen Cremin Female
Martin Van Den Tillart Male
Noreen Harrington Female
Cornie Cremin Male
Rory Popert Male
Ronan Popert Male
Regina Crowley Female
Peter Popert Male
Gerard Crowley Male
David Pauley Male
Sam Pauley Male
Robert Pauley Male
Deirdre Crowley Female
Gary Pauley Male
Gerard Clarke Male
James Clarke Male
Emma Clarke Female
Sarah Clarke Female
Viola Crowley Female
James Clarke Male
Eileen Harrington Female
Dennis Crowley Male
John Mullins Male
Pillip Mullins Female
Phillippa Mullins Female
Celia Mullins Female
Genevieve Mullins Female
Claudia Mullins Female
Pete Mullins Male
Ann McGill Female
Conor McCuthoen Male
Angus McCuthoen Male
Fiona Mullins Female
Niel McCuthoen Male
Paul Mullins Male
Peggy Harrington Female
Peter Mullins Male
Cara McGonigle Female
Kathleen McGonigle Female
Clare McGonigle Female
Annemarie Harrington Female
Michael McGonigle Male
Brian Harrington Male
Noreen Harrington Female
Florry Harrington Male
Peggy Sullivan Female
Miriam Lonergan Female
Aiden McCabe Male
Shane Lonergan Male
Adrian Lonergan Male
Noirin Toppin Female
Emma Rooney Female
Timothy Carberry Male
New chart
Mark Rooney Male
Leah Rooney Female
Jackson McLeod Male
New chart
James Rooney Male
Lorraine Lonergan Female
Pat Rooney Male
Brian Lonergan Male
Orla Lonergan Female
Teresa Harrington Female
Timothy F. Lonergan Male
Michael Harrington Male
Mike Harrington Male
Mary Ann Lynch Female
Michelle Harrington Female
Noreen Harrington Female
Michael Quinlan Male
Mike Harrington Male
Margaret Goughan Female
Mike Harrington Male
Nora (Darb) O'Sullivan Female
Josephine Harrington Female
Tom Sheehan Male
Diarmuid Butler Male
Siobhan Butler Male
Graine Butler Male
Clodahg Butler Male
Thomas Butler Male
Carmel O'Donnell Female
Edward Butler Male
Fiona Butler Female
Aidan Butler Male
Flor Butler Male
Breda McElligot Female
Gerard Walsh Male
Marie Walsh Female
Joan Walsh Female
Joseph Walsh Male
Siobhan Walsh Male
Essie Butler Female
Tom Walsh Male
Conal Ryan Male
Mary Pat Butler Female
Michael Ryan Male
David Lawler Male
Gerard Lawler Male
Adrienne Lawler Male
Sheila Butler Female
Gerard Lawler Male
Derek O'Carroll Male
Mark O'Carroll Male
Muris O'Carroll Male
Ita Butler Female
Maurice O'Carroll Male
John Butler Male
Mary O'Dwyer Female
Alma Butler Female
Tom Butler Male
Liam Harrington Male
Eric Trayer Male
Alan Trayer Male
Geoffrey Trayer Male
Redmond Trayer Male
Anne Harrington Female
Kevin Trayer Male
Mary Philomena Harrington Female
Florence Harrington Male
Mary Moloney Female
Mary Maher Female
Jerr Barry Male
Stefan O'Connor Male
Alison O'Connor Female
Anne Maher Female
Peter O'Connor Male
Patricia Maher Female
Susan Costello Female
Bernice Costello Female
Karen Costello Female
Joanna Costello Female
Bernard Costello Male
Joan Maher Female
Bernard Costello Male
Mary Harrington Female
Pierce Maher Male
Marie Hayes Female
Daniel (Dan) Healy Male
Nancy Harrington Female
John Hayes Male
Kitty Harrington Female
Julia Harrington Female
Dan (Sonny) Harrington Male
William (Billy) Harrington Male
Florence (Flor) Harrington Male
Mary (Molly) Loughman Female
William Edward Feser, Jr. Male
Joyce Elaine Dashner Female
New chart
Susan Kay Caffrey Female
New chart
Mary Eileen Feser Female
Clive Lee Niccum Male
New chart
John Michael Feser, Sr. Male
Celeste Mignon Cormane Female
New chart
Joan Elizabeth Feser Female
New chart
Therese Louise Feser Female
Daniel Joseph Garcia, Sr. Male
New chart
William Edward Feser, Sr. Male
Clara Eileen McGarry Female
Bertha Elizabeth Feser Female
Lawrence William Van Noy Male
Shelley Lou Wood Female
New chart
Mary Louise Feser Female
Oscar Fuller Van Noy, Jr. Male
Donald Roy Feser Male
Nancy Gail (Doll) Feser Female
New chart
Sally A. Ramon Feser Female
Anne Elizabeth Feser Female
James Michael Hannigan Male
New chart
Steven Marion Johansen Male
New chart
Robert James Simpson Male
Philip Joseph Feser, Sr. Male
Lisa Anne Lowman Female
New chart
Mariko Aileen Feser Female
Steven William McClenahan Male
New chart
Donald Bernard Feser Male
Helen Aileen Wiseman Female
Julia Ann Godfrey Female
Harold Duane Godfrey Male
New chart
Kathleen Marie Jacobson Female
Larry Paul Woolery Male
New chart
Edythe Lorraine Feser Female
Kahlynn Ardo Jacobson Male
Timothy Alan Cochran Male
Marie Elizabeth Caceres Female
New chart
Sean Paul Cochran Male
Linda Ann Kunsuvan Female
Bert Carlton Cochran Male
Kelly Ann Feser Female
Duane Nelson Eells Male
New chart
Edward Charles Feser Male
Rachel Ann Brown Female
New chart
Daniel William Feser Male
Erica Helen Block Female
Edward Alfred Feser Male
Linda Rae Taylor Female
Lorena Marie Feser Female
Richard Alen Reithmeier Male
New chart
Victoria Louise Feser Female
Thomas Alexander Longfellow Male
New chart
John Samuel Laurie Male
Edward Joseph Feser, II Male
Kathleen Michelle Debo Female
New chart
Julie Jeanne Feser Female
Michael Ray Watkins Male
New chart
Charles Draves Feser Male
Lawrence Harlan Feser Male
Julie Ann Draves Female
Mary Elizabeth Loughman Female
Edward Joseph Feser Male
William (Bill) Loughman Male
Bernard J. Loughman III Male
Christopher Loughman Male
Bernard "BJ" Loughman Male
Catherine Female
Anthony "Tony" Loughman Male
Bernard Loughman Male
Alice "Dudey" Bushmiller Female
Heather Loughman Female
Michael Lawrence Loughman Male
Lawrence Loughman Male
Mary Viola Bubb Female
John Loughman Male
Lawrence "Larry" Loughman Male
Stephen Loughman Male
James "Jimmy" Loughman Male
Nikki Loughman Female
Dr. Andrew Jannett Male
Peggy Jannett Female
Andrea Curran Female
Colleen Curran Female
Kathleen Jannett Female
Ward Curran, PH.D Male
Margaret Jannett Female
Albert Michael Jannett, III Male
Dawn Mountain Female
New chart
Patricia Jannett Female
Kim Jannett Female
Albert Michael Jannett, Jr. Male
Patricia Flaherty Female
Margaret Loughman Female
Albert Michael Jannett, Sr. Male
Patrick Loughman Male
Michelle Grimm Female
New chart
Maureen Loughman Female
Tom Lerner Male
New chart
Kathy Loughman Female
Tom Bradford Male
New chart
Sheila Loughman Female
Edward "Eddie" Roberts Male
New chart
Daniel "Danny" Loughman Male
Anna Covarubias Female
Shannon Loughman Female
Wade Price Male
New chart
Erin (Loughman) McIntosh Female
Sam McIntosh Male
Molly Loughman Female
Tracy Tanner Male
Colleen Loughman Female
Kent Blankenship Male
Joshua Bowler Male
Lawrence Daniel Loughman Male
Portia Spencer Female
Karen Fardig Female
Steven Liska Male
New chart
Tom Fardig Male
Rachel Perez Female
New chart
Robert "Rob" Fardig Male
Cathy Vance Female
Philip "Little Phil" Fardig Male
Patricia "Patty" Female
Rose "Rosie" Fardig Female
John Bollier Male
New chart
Mathew "Matt" Fardig Male
Nikki Fardig Female
Marie Loughman Female
Phil Fardig Male
Lynn Gisler Female
Phil Conklin Male
New chart
Randy Gisler Male
Julie Gisler Female
New chart
Melanie Gisler Female
Mary Gisler Female
Richard "Rich" Peterson Male
New chart
Christina Gisler Female
James Davis Male
New chart
Gwen Gisler Female
Randy Robledo Male
New chart
Ann Gisler Female
Eli Eccles Male
New chart
Ilene Gisler Female
Steve Payan Male
Kathleen Loughman Female
James Gisler Male
Thomas Loughman Male
Wendy Loughman Female
Francisco Gonzalez Male
Casey Loughman Male
Mickey Loughman Male
William Loughman Male
Chieko Female
Donald Patrick Loughman Male
Rebecca Brett Loughman Female
Matthew Aaron Perlowski Male
Justin Michael Loughman Male
Susana Garcia Putman Female
New chart
Michael Joseph Loughman Male
Deborah Jeanne Nelson Female
Elissa Loughman Female
Kyle Loughman Male
Edward Joseph Loughman Male
Susan Soll Female
Florence Robert (Bob) Loughman Male
Rose Bernadette Loughman Female
Ralph Carson Male
Victor Female
Vivienne Carson Female
Victor Gomez Male
Rose Marie Martinez Female
New chart
Guierrmo Martinez Gomez Male
Louise Marie Loughman Female
Ralph Carson Male
Julia A. Harrington Female
Michael W. Loughman Male
Dan Harrington Male
John (Ring) Harrington Male
Maxine Horton Female
John D. Harrington Male
Catherine (Katty) Ring Female
Mary Agnes Harrington Female
Hanna (Annie) Harrington Female
Jerry Harrington Male
Nora Harrington Female
Pete Harrington Male
Dan (Norr) Harrington Male
Johanna McCarthy Female
Mary Walsh Female
John Broderick Male
Peter Hanley Male
Lizzie Tyrell Female
Abbey Walsh Female
Daniel Hanley Male
John Walsh Male
Bob Walsh Male
Johanna Harrington Female
John Walsh Male
Mary O'Connell Female
Julia Harrington Female
Johnny Walsh Male
John Shea Male
Mary Shea Female
James Shea Male
Denis Shea Male
Patrick Shea Male
Mary Shea Female
Catherine Shea Female
Julia Shea Female
Mary Shea Female
James Shea Male
Margaret Shea Female
Nora Shea Female
Patrick Shea Male
Patrick Shea Male
Elizabeth Joy Female
Nora Shea Female
Michael Shea Male
Honora Lowney Female
Mary Harrington Female
James Shea Male
New chart
Nora (Norr) O'Dwyer Female
Dan Harrington Male

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